Arlene & John Hunsinger

Just a quick note to thank Southern Oaks Homes, Mr. John Lapsley and his team. I am so pleased that we had John build our home; the workmanship, the quality of materials used and the ideas he put forth are second to none. He went above and beyond what was designed by the architect to insure hurricane resistance. He used all the newest technology when it came to wind resistance. I feel confident our home will be standing should we experience a hurricane. Our home is absolutely beautiful thanks to John and his crew. I would highly recommend Southern Oaks Homes to anyone interested in building a home or remodeling. His prices are reasonable, not the least expensive and certainly not the most expensive. He is honest and above board in all details of building your home. I feel confident in saying you will get the most for your dollar with Southern Oaks Homes, Inc. We also had John do a re-model job on a rental property that we own. Again, he came through with the quality workmanship and pride in his work all within the budget. And again we say many thanks to John and his highly qualified crew. – Arlene and John Hunsinger