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"Just a quick note to thank Southern Oaks Homes, Mr. John Lapsley and his team. I am so pleased that we had John build our home; the workmanship, the quality of materials used and the ideas he put forth are second to none. He went above and beyond what was designed by the architect to insure hurricane resistance. He used all the newest technology when it came to wind resistance. I feel confident our home will be standing should we experience a hurricane. Our home is absolutely beautiful thanks to John and his crew. I would highly recommend Southern Oaks Homes to anyone interested in building a home or remodeling. His prices are reasonable, not the least expensive and certainly not the most expensive. He is honest and above board in all details of building your home. I feel confident in saying you will get the most for your dollar with Southern Oaks Homes, Inc. We also had John do a re-model job on a rental property that we own. Again, he came through with the quality workmanship and pride in his work all within the budget. And again we say many thanks to John and his highly qualified crew. - Arlene and John Hunsinger " - Arlene & John Hunsinger
"Our relationship with Southern Oaks Homes has been a good experience. Throughout the project we maintained excellent communications. John Lapsley has served us well in all phases of our custom home. We are very pleased - Sylvia and Richard Barnes " - Sylvia & Richard Barnes
"Our family wanted to pause from the crazy and decorating, to thank you for the outstanding home-building experience we had the pleasure of sharing with you. As soon as we began telling people that we were considering building our next home, the horrible tales of crooked builders, hidden costs, poor planning, and questionable quality were relayed to us time after time and we began to grow quite apprehensive of taking on the project. Now when we tell people we have recently finished building our home, and they begin with their horror stories, we take great pleasure in redirecting the conversation with experience after experience about a caring builder who insightfully planned every detail, stuck by every price quote, and ensured the level of quality exceeded our every expectation. I love seeing the disgust and envy on their faces! It is a rare treat that only a true cynic like myself would enjoy. Still in our 20’s and this being only the second home we have owned (the first we built) we approached the project knowing that this was not to be our final ‘dream home’, but a simple place that would provide a safe, comfortable environment to continue growing our family. We affectionately refer to it as our “second-to-last home” because our hope is to live here until we can build our dream home in the mountains and steal away from the city life. In a sense, we approached this as though we were settling this time around-making do until we finally ‘arrive’ years later. With your constructive guidance, our perspective has shifted and we feel as though we’ve been blessed with nothing less than a smaller version of our dream home. Your input during the design phase of creative things we could do to add some spice, simple upgrades that give the home a more luxurious feeling and the extra mile you went during the construction phase to ensure every detail exceeded our expectations have made this home more than we ever expected. It is truly is a dream come true and we have you to thank for that. I know we’ve joked about it, but now we’ve moved in, we actually miss getting our regular updates from you about what’s happening and what is next. The communication during construction was absolutely outstanding. I’ve been in corporate America now for nearly ten years and I can honestly say that I’ve never partnered with an organization that could out-do you in this department. Your commitment to communication eased our anxieties and made us feel like we had a hand in building this home without actually having to get our hands dirty! It was great! Our family is extremely grateful that we found you and that you took such a personal interest in ensuring this house would make a great home. Thank you for everything you have done (and I'm sure will continue). We have appreciated your friendship, creativity, integrity, and professionalism and would recommend you without hesitation to anyone. Please share our heartfelt gratitude with your family and crew for the hours they invested in our family as well. We wish you a truly blessed holiday season and look forward to calling you years down the road when we’re ready to move to the mountains! Sincerely, - The Walden’s " - The Walden's
"We really appreciated what you did for us and saving us a great amount of money. Your honesty is vey rare today especially during this economical bliss. Please let me know if I can help you in someway. Sincerely, " - Frank Collelo
"Southern Oaks Homes, Inc. recently built our home and I just wanted to drop a note for anyone considering a new home with this builder. This is the fifth home I have had built and I must say the John Lapsley and his team exceeded our expectations. The communication with John is excellent as he keeps the homeowner informed and responds quickly to questions. John and his crew are truly interested in providing a quality product and a quality experience in what can be a stressful time for homeowners. Where many people are ready to choke their builder by the end of the process, John actually becomes your friend which is rare! I would recommend this builder to anyone and feel free to contact me for any questions. You can get my contact information through Southern Oaks Homes." - Steve and Patti Haugan
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At Southern Oaks Homes we have never used Chinese drywall in any of our homes. We knew from the start that something was wrong with it, so we didn't use it.