Our Step by Step Process

"From Concept to Closing"

1. Plan and Lot Selection 

If you already have a plan in mind for what you imagine your home to be, we can customize to meet what you have imagined or you can choose from a variety of options that we have available to create a plan just for you. You have the ability to pick your own price when you choose to build custom.

Whether you have selected a lot, are in possession of a lot, or need assistance in choosing a lot, Southern Oaks Homes is with you every step of the way. You can choose to build on your lot or one that we have available.  

 2. Financing/Contract

Southern Oaks Homes can help with financing your new home. We work with several reputable mortgage brokers and lenders that we can recommend to you, or you can work with one that you have selected.  Once a lender is chosen, a contract is drawn up on your new home.

 3. Permits/Construction

Southern Oaks Homes will secure all the necessary permits that are required for getting your home process on its way. We will also take a visit  to your homesite to check and verify the location. A schedule for construction will then be discussed and planned.

 Your home site will be surveyed, and cleared if necessary. We will have you accompany us to stake out the area to plan the location and orientation of your future home and all surrounding utilities on the property. Once the location and orientation is planned, we will apply for your building permit. When construction begins on your home, we will provide weekly updates, or updates as often as you dictate on the progress of your home. 

4. Color Session/Frame Wall 

To make your home a reflection of you and customized to your personality, we will work together to come up with a plan for your home. In order to customize your home, we have a plethora of options for flooring, colors and finishes for walls, various styles of floor plans, options for countertops, etc., and we will work with you to plan a color scheme for your home. Before beginning your customization, we will verify the options you selected to make sure that your home will be what you imagined. Once you have chosen your options and the selections are verified, the material order will be submitted as quickly as possible to avoid any delay.  We will walk the frame for all rooms to assure that the plan is what was envisioned. Once the framing is complete, the outlets and switches are checked to verify location to accommodate possible furniture placement.

5. Walk Through/Orientation

Throughout the whole construction process, we continuously inspect all aspects of construction on your home to make sure your home is of the utmost quality. Any aspects of the home that need attention are immediately addressed and corrected. 

6. Closing/Move-in Date

After construction and prior to closing, we will do a walk thorough of your home and answer any questions you may have and address any concerns. We offer a “worry-free move-in.” During this process, touch-ups and repairs that are necessary will be completed. After you arrange your personal belongings into the home, we will then walk through and do touch ups to your walls caused by others fee of charge.

7. Warranty Period 

Your home is covered under a 1-10 warranty under Bonded Builder. You have a 1-year warranty for all parts and labor and a 10-year warranty for structural defects. The warranty is applicable from the certificate of occupancy date (COD) date. Please click on the Bonded Builder tab on our website to learn more information.